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Jul 25 '14
Jul 25 '14

the-great-and-powerful-satsuki asked:

Did you do back-up vocal for that Equestria Girls song that came out yesterday? One of the guys in the chorus towards the end kinda sounded like you. :D


Way back in 2012 when I did vocals for Littlest Pet Shop, Daniel Ingram was going to have me do some vocals for Pony as well—but his producer said there’d be too much of a “conflict of interest” because of my role in the fandom or whatever, so it never happened. Daniel was pretty upset we couldn’t make it work, but it’s no biggie! Because of that, I really doubt I’ll ever get to work on Pony, but it’s all good—I was just honored to be considered for it, haha!

By the way, Rainbow Rocks is going to be super hype, I can’t wait.

Jul 25 '14

ask-captain-rainbow-dash asked:

In that case, can I get a virtual high-five? :D


Jul 25 '14

moozua asked:

Just wanna say hello! Maybe you'll say hi back!

will say hi back! And thanks for the hello! :D

Jul 25 '14





The Trevor Project


Stop re-blogging One Direction and re-blog this shit. 


It doesn’t matter which kind of blog you are, this deserves to be reblogged

Ellen’s part always gets me

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Jul 25 '14



Jul 25 '14
strongbad speaks the truth

strongbad speaks the truth


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Jul 24 '14
Jul 24 '14


So the Fifty Shades of Gray Grey trailer is out…

Jul 24 '14









Gaga’s reaction to the people booing at One Direction

You know, my brother swim couch once went to one of her concerts and got trampled by a bunch of people and Lady Gaga saw it happen. She stopped the concert to pull her out of the crowd and bring her back stage for ice and bottled water. Lady Gaga is a saint.

This is so incredibly cool of her, I can’t even. 

Huh, people expressing their displeasure for a shitty band they don’t like? That’s really fucked up.

You know what? No. 

I don’t normally reply to the negative crap that gets added to the stuff I reblog out of courtesy or not wanting to get on a follower’s bad side or whatever, but right now I don’t give a freak. 

Nobody deserves to be booed. I don’t freaking care if you don’t like the band. I don’t even like the freaking band. I could give two shits about what One Direction is doing, but they’re human freaking beings. They’re human beings that have to perform for thousands of people almost everyday. And here, they have to get up in front of thousands of people, recording artists, and the millions of people who watch this broadcast, only to be freaking booed? freak that crap. Nobody deserves that crap. How would you like it if you got up on stage to present something or accept an award or make a speech and people started booing you? That’d suck, right? It’d be humiliating, heartbreaking, it’d piss you off. So what right does ANYONE have to do that to them. You wanna express your displeasure? Yeah, you do it on your blog, but these people shouldn’t be freaking doing it to them when they’re up there in front of millions of people at an event where they’re supposed to be freaking professionals. freak that freaking bullshit. It is fucked up and you’re fucked up for thinking that this kind of thing is okay. 

Actually… yeah. That was fucked up of me to say. Sorry.

Genuinely happy to see a confrontation end well for a change. 

Um, actually, speaking as a performing musician myself—if you suck, then you deserve to get booed.

If you can’t take it, then don’t be an entertainer.

An audience is a gift. Why are we worried about some musician’s fragile ego? The audience is paying for a night out. THEY are the ones who are taking time out of their busy schedules to watch you perform. THEY aren’t the ones being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a show. THEY are the ones keeping you employed.

You must appreciate your audience and be grateful for them. If you perform badly, or if you suck, you will be booed. You must be mature enough as an artist to handle that. It’s extremely childish to believe otherwise.

I’m sure One Direction doesn’t need someone on the internet defending their precious fragile egos. I’m sure they’re grown up enough to let it roll off of their backs. It’s not anyone’s job to protect them from the big mean world. They can handle it themselves. So what if they get booed? They’ve still got a huge fanbase that loves them, they sell millions of records, and I’m sure they won’t let one audience’s negative reaction ruin their entire lives.

At least, they’d better not.

I would rather someone criticize me like an adult than coddle me like a child. I’m sure most professional musicians feel the same way.

Believe me, I’ve been criticized in the past for bad music I’ve made, and I deserved it. I grew from it. It’s not always a good thing to be just be “nice”.

Where are we going as a society? Why are we so worried about being offensive or mean? Why are we so concerned with pretending to be nice? Pretending to enjoy someone’s music, and then going online and complaining about them in their blogs?

This is the age of passive aggressiveness. This is the age of politely lying because you don’t want to cause a stir. Honesty is dying, and with it, art.

If we don’t openly, honestly, and viscerally critique artists when they perform, then they will forever be bogged down with mediocrity. Artists owe their audiences. They owe them good music. I owe my listeners good music. They support me. They deserve my best.

If I don’t give them the best product I can, then I deserve to be booed. 

…and that’s all I’ll say.

No. Just No. 

There is a HUGE difference between being “booed” off a stage and criticism. Booing is far too often an attack meant to degrade and devalue a person rather than a statement of ones distaste in music or other performing arts. People can act like decent human beings and express thier opinions in a consutructive manner. It doesn’t matter if someone’s music is crappy, or in a style that you don’t personally like. The fact that they got up there took time out of thier day to entertain YOU should be enough for you to at least give them the respect of being polite while they’re on stage. 

You don’t have to be nice or “coddle” them after they perform. You could tear them apart after they’re off stage for all I care, but while they are up there taking time out of thier day, because of you, you can hold your tongue. 

"Booing is far too often an attack meant to degrade and devalue a person rather than a statement of ones distaste in music or other performing arts."

Umm, sources please? I don’t think that’s the case even 90% of the time, and even if it was, exactly how does making a simple sound “degrade and devalue” a person? That person would be pretty thin skinned to let it degrade and devalue them as a human being, or, at the very least, an artist.

Listen, booing has been happening since ancient Greece. You may think it’s wrong to do, but like it or not, an entertainer must be able to take it—because It’s not going away. Just ask, literally, any comedian ever.

So, we can either fight about whether it’s right or wrong to boo someone, or we can live in reality, and accept that it’s going to happen and that entertainers must have enough confidence in themselves to not let it affect them.

Maybe booing is wrong, but it won’t stop happening. Ever. So, as performers, we’d better learn to deal with it.

And I maintain that the performer owes the paying audience for their time, more than the other way around. If it wasn’t for the audience, we’d be unemployed after all. I’m a musician. I’m not going to pretend I’m god’s gift to the world and that people should be super respectful and kind and polite and shit. They can react however they want to react. I can’t control that.

I used to take criticism, like booing, very harshly. I’ve grown past that. I think other entertainers also deserve to grow past the childish fears of an audience’s disapproval. We all need to get ripped apart now and again, it keeps us humble.

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